Wednesday, June 27, 2012

first post!!

Hello blog world! I am very excited to finally be a part of this community. This site is currently under construction and probably will be for a while.

So in case you were wondering, my name is Cassandra and I live in the northeast of the usa. This will be my blog about cosmetics and my obsession with makeup. Ill be doing extensive reviews on various products that I find worth mentioning!

So here I am...I took the plunge and ordered a shu uemura eyelash curler!!

 I placed the order on monday and am impatiently waiting to receive the shipping email!! I purposefully tried to order it early (8am) so I wouldn't have to wait so long for it to be processed.... But I can't complain. You know why? Cause not only did I order my shu uemura eyelash curler...I am also receiving a FREE MINI EYELASH CURLER!

I was going through the ordering process and I saw the "promo code" box and figured, hey why not take a little walk over to Google and see what I can find? Thank you retail me not! With the code "shuluv" I received the free mini curler AND free shipping! Best deal ever! So needless to say, I am very excited and cannot wait for this package to arrive!

And here is a little thank you to anyone reading my first post ever! Mwah!